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About us

Who are we?

We are an International team of Deaf women from four European countries: England, Germany, Northern Ireland and Spain. We have a vision to establish a network for and with Deaf women who believe in Jesus Christ and want to grow in their spiritual life.

All of us are actively involved in church life - some in churches for the Deaf and some in churches where Deaf and hearing people are included.

We believe that God wants us to share the Gospel with everyone. Our mission is to reach out for Deaf women around Europe and help them to get to know Jesus as their personal Saviour. Sign language is essential for us. We learn and understand the Bible, pray and worship through it and it is the way we communicate with each other.


Addy - Finance Manager

Cindy - Administrator

Cora - Team Coordinator

Esther - Team Coordinator

Estrella - Organiser

Irmi - Finance Assistant

Katrin - Team Coordinator

Monica - Media Manager

Rita - Prayer Ministry

Rut - Team comm. Assistant

We are a member of the European
Deaf Christian Alliance (EDCA)

as well as support from XHOPE – Freikirchliche Gemeinde e.V.